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    TSLA reported earnings lastweek, stock went down. As of Friday went up 6.94 to close at 306.20. Seems to have found support just above 300.
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  2. That is my thought as well as I got a Feb 300/320 call spread on Thursday at $298. It retests lows I may lick, my wounds, but I think Pekelo was onto something of it rising into it's semi demo in the coming weeks.
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    That is why the huge ups and downs on the chart. I don't expect it to go down in a straight line. There will be huge fluctuations. I also don't expect it to happen quickly. 1-2 more stock offer/junk bond issue still in the cards. Also, the M3 has to fail as a cheap car, and fans finally have to realize that they have to pay close to 50K to get it in any decent fashion and no taxbreaks either.
    Eventually someone is going to buy them but that will be for a 2 digit price.

    I think the M3 (the saver of Tesla) will fail on at least 3 different fronts:

    1. It will never be a cheap car. The average US car is sold for 35K. A cheap car has to be cheaper than average. So Musk's promise to bring out an EV for the masses will be proven (as usual) a lie.

    2. Its quality will be lacking. No beta testing, hurried production ramp up equals quality problems down the line.

    3. Its design is lacking. That minimalistic dashboard is atrocious and looking always to the right is dangerous.
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  5. *Closed $300/$320 call spread for 12% gain...not all that great, for 1.5wks, but it was like watching paint dry even if it might run into Thursday's announcement.
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    ♫..... "on the cover of the Rolling Stone"


    GREAT pics on this video btw

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    Elon lied about 20 times during the event what as usual started 25 minutes late. The crewed ate every word of his. You would think 9 billion dollars can buy you a public speaker coach.

    The only cool thing was the Roadster 2.0 what will go 1000 miles on a charge (wink,wink)

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