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  1. Tesla rallied big yesterday after Morgan Stanley upgraded shares and slapped a $465 price target on the stock. TSLA closed at $255 gained almost 5% on the day. So what now? I feel Tesla (TSLA) will begin an uptrend into the next earnings report. Barring any major stock market correction, we should see the stock hit $270-$280 into the next report
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  2. $TSLA closed down 2.1 percent on Wednesday, August 19, 2015, on approximately normal volume. The stock fell below its 50 day moving average, damaging its intermediate-term outlook by crossing under that important trendline. TSLA.png
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  4. $TSLA closed down 5.12 percent on Thursday, August 20, 2015, on 1.26 times normal volume.
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    Stocks like Tesla get hurt double in market enviroment like today. An opinion I agree completely:

    "Book value is maybe $6 a share, but in reality there will be no assets for the common shareholders. This is for practical purposes a company with no assets and no profit-making business model.

    People have often tried to rationalize Tesla as being similar to Amazon (no profits but a great future story to tell.) There are zero similarities between AMZN and TSLA other than the fact I don't really like either company. :) Amazon is basically break-even on cash flow and they truly are the leaders in some really important markets, as opposed to Tesla being one player among many in a 0.4% market niche. Amazon doesn't run a Ponzi scheme or a stock printing mill for its founder, although Bezos is doing very well. Amazon doesn't have to engage in massive trickery just to have a continuation of cash needed for its business.
    I'm sure we will see more ups and downs with TSLA stock, but anybody who thinks this is an "investment" is nuts. It is a "Hail Mary" play when none is needed.
    More people have lost 10 bags than people who have made 10 bags.

    The point here is that Tesla is not only a near-bankrupt, dysfunctional company with senior execs bailing monthly, it is running headlong into an industry that is more than prepared for the competition, and will face its toughest battles at a time when we are approaching the end of this long bull market. This is not a wise bet, IMHO."
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    TSLA is a great story if you like companies that get heavily subsidized by the government and still end up loosing money. Factor in the price of gas is nosediving, there is simply no reason to buy a tesla other than impressing your liberal friends, and even that thrill will subside.
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  7. $TSLA closed down 5.16 percent on Monday, August 24, 2015, on 2.32 times normal volume. The stock fell below its 200 day moving average, damaging its long-term outlook by crossing under that critical trendline. Note that the stock is in oversold territory based on its Slow Stochastic indicator (14, 3, 3) -- sideways movement or a bounce should not be unexpected.
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    $TSLA IMO the shorts should take their profits soon. Otherwise, they possibly could be in financial jeopardy. TSLA is here to stay. Buy all you want but it better be long, oil will destroy alt energy for next few yrs to a decade, this drop is just the start
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    I think they will go bankrupt in less than 5 years, but as a trader, I agree, that short gains should be taken often. I was surprised just how well TSLA held up yesterday, and this morning premarket it is up to $232, so it is still a buy the dip stock...
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    $TSLA So far, 230.60 has been a tough wall to break last couple days. Let's see what will happen tom. No position.
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