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    I think this article is mostly correct:


    However, article or no article, out of nowhere it seems, I see Tesla cars all over the place in my area!

    I think they have made it enticing for business people to make the leap. The car is attractive and the gas mileage is right. Solve the battery problem and it will quadruple the number of sales.
  2. Cramer on Tesla back in 2010:
    "You don't want to own this stock. You don't want to lease it. Heck, you shouldn't even rent the darn thing."
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    I see Teslas all over now too. Want to test drive one.
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    The model 3 is a stunner. At 215 miles on a single charge, it meets 90% of daily driving needs. When it goes to 400 miles on a single charge, it goes to 99% of daily driving needs and at that point it is a question of how much does it cost, i.e, without the government subsidy for electric cars.

    I am hoping for a sub $20k (base) Tesla to really change the world. Why not an electric motorcycle?

    GM, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, etc etc. Be afraid, be very afraid.
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    I hope Musk reconsiders the position of the screen on the 3. It is very distracting where it is and possibly dangerous. It should be where it is on the S, although it should be on a wheel that can be rotated in all directions. That way the driver can adjust it angled at him up if need be.
  6. this $35,000 car sounds interesting
    [compared to the $100,000 price, of the original]

    too small for my tastes though

  7. The $TSLA Model 3 grows on you when you keep looking at it. I want one. =):cool: