TSLA what a joke

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by John9999, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. John9999


    TSLA trading halted , pending SEC/FINRA investigation regarding stock price manipulation. Guess Elon got his hand caught in the cookie jar. Rumors of buy back of all public stock to go private...
  2. smallfil


    There are reports that his account on Twitter has been hacked. Maybe, there is something to that! They should be able to determine that fact alone. Either prove it or debunk it!
  3. zdreg


    re: elon - unlikelly
    re: hedge fund spoofing orders is possible
    re option market makers - who would think this way?
  4. Musk proves his genius once again.

    1. Announce on Twitter deal to send company private at stock price well above current trade.

    2. Stock price rockets higher on news, crushes shorts into oblivion.

    3. Claims Twitter account got "hacked".

    4. No one can prove whether Twitter account was hacked or not.

    Who needs fraudulent accounting with all that messy, inconvenient paper trail to boost the stock price. Wait until the Enron guys hear about this, they will be wishing they had Twitter back in the day.
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  5. smallfil


    They can prove if Elon Musk logged in to his account and made that post. Unless, his account was hacked then, he has an out! I do not know how this will impact TSLA and or TWTR but, bulls and bears arguing at Stocktwits. I do not have any positions on either one. Might consider getting into TWTR depending on the price action. Right now TWTR is in a trading range. Waiting for it to breakout to the upside or breakdown to downside!
  6. smallfil


    TSLA now flying and up $39.00. Going up, up up!
  7. John9999


    some day I predict that TSLA will be another crash and burn story. The stock has been pumped up on alot of rumors and air. Once investor finally figure out that TSLA will never make money there will be a sell off. But for now, investor idiots buy up this piece of crap.
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  8. I think the Financial Times reports forced Musk's hand in having to announce this...I get the feeling the Saudi $2bn in question is some of the funding behind this. That would be my take on it in the context of what we know now...and also clears up the question of why this wasn't done more typically (presumably, the FT got out only a day or two ahead of a TSLA release).
  9. John9999


    Suidi's must be nuts ,, or it is fake news, or they do not care about money. TSLA losing approx 2.8 BILLION USD per year. Would you put up the money to purchase all shares?
  10. ajacobson


    He owns about 20% and the company has about a $60 billion market cap - where does the other $48 billion come from ?
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