TSLA is toast? <--- epic selloff

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by KCalhoun, Jan 11, 2021 at 3:27 PM.

  1. KCalhoun

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    top call tsla 1/11 watch out belowww (not a trade reco to short it)

  2. VicBee


    Market is down significantly... Tsla down 9%, i wouldn't call it epic but a drop certainly. I'm looking for another 30%...
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  3. hajimow


    Hyundai + Apple +Opell are building electric cars. It is highly possible TSLA to hit $550 in a week.
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  4. Bekim


    I would expect something Epic more so from Bitcoin
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  5. KCalhoun

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    esp aapl plus tsla is overvalued af, im buying spxs tomorrow if 2dh
  6. Simply incredible, you shorting TSLA? Just sold VOXX in $20.00s after holding from $10.8 average price.
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  7. KCalhoun

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    wtg re voxx

    nope too chicken lol but if i did i'd short if it loses 794 w/cover stop 840, target nr 550 (not a trade reco)


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  8. RE: Apple are building electric cars.


    • AAPL should buy GM for 70 Billion or so.
    • Then build and sell electric cars under the GM brand.
  9. Elon has a cult following and can manipulate the stock easily, not so with NIO who just did a Offering killing most of the day's gain. What's interesting is NIO was $65 and started getting weaker. First thing that came to my mind was "Their gonna do a Shelf or Debt" and here where are, only shorted 500 shares but it worked out.
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  10. KCalhoun

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    wtg NIO, i called it short @ 64.3 in chatroom today, now down ah: