TSLA $70,000 thread deleted

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    • So my TSLA $70,000 thread in the Stocks forum got deleted.
    • In the thread I stated that TSLA shares will be $70,000 each within a year.
    • Let's check back in 1 year when TSLA shares are at $70,000+ and see who gets the last laugh.
    • Thank you ... have a good day.
  1. Here4money


    My thread of $700,000/TSLA share was also deleted. Clearly I will have the last laugh
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  2. maxinger


    Please delete this thread too.

  3. Pekelo


    I agree. We have 5 Tesla threads already. OP is crying about his 6th.
  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    It gave me a chuckle when you posted it, but it wasn't sustainable (or serious), so it got zapped.
  5. maxinger


    He is a joker, not a trader.
    might as well delete all his postings.

    Or perhaps move all his postings into JOKER or COMEDIAN or NON SERIOUS TRADING session.
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  6. My latest option trade. AMZN Earnings




  7. The guy is a clown. He used to change buy v sell on threads within the one hour edit window. He's worse than Surfer.
  8. ZBZB


    I am serious about Tesla $70,000. 10 million model 3 come back after the leases expire as you cannot buy them unlike model x and s and are sent out as robotaxis. Each robotaxi makes $30,000 a year profit so that is $300bn a year profit * a 20 pe = $6000bn market cap. You get a free car company, battery company and solar company thrown in.
  9. Ridiculous.

    I will lay that action at 10/1. Choose the figure.

    Tesla will be unlikely to get to 15MM total output in the next decade. They would be lucky to get 100K taxis by 2030. That’s wildly optimistic.
    #10     Feb 5, 2020