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  1. wonderful how its IR website is completely absent of any release or anything at all about his "anticipated announcement"
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    I have found the following two videos to be interesting analysis from knowledgeable people. I think the second one will have more meaning if watched 2nd but no worries.

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    Autonomy Day video.

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    Baron, I hope you are willing to share your insight into the car ownership experience. If anyone else owns a car, would love the insights also.

    We rented one for a week, it was a long range rear wheel drive model 3. The battery was capped at 80%. Since we drove 832 miles, we should have let the owner change the battery settings. Never the less it was not needed. 280 mile max

    We found the car wicked quick, at all times!
    We did not think that the prospect of falling asleep at the wheel was realistic. Autopilot felt unnatural, scary ish. Turns were slightly more aggressive or jerky than how we drive.
    Several older people that drove, including a retired engineer were not interested in engaging autopilot. This is a headwind to overcome by the company.
    Charging was a breeze. 120v served us well overnight, used superchargers for highways distances. We saw charge rates as high as 500 mph and did not find the wait excessive. As the car was set up we think it added some to our travel time. We enjoy taking our time on the road and enjoyed the bathroom breaks. There were many such cars on the roads and at the charging stations. There were no waits on a holiday or the day after. We were unaware that travelling fast would decrease our expected range. Over many miles we saw a loss of 15 miles above and beyond what slower travel would yield.

    We had three panic alarms that scared the bejesus out of us. The first was a pickup in the center turn lane. It was still but turned and aimed toward us. No real risk. The 2nd was a oversize mobile home taking up two lanes. I expect the computer could not figure this out. The third we did not fully understand, traffic was congested, we wanted to turn, no object in that path but the alarm went off. I expect it was just too crowded for the computer.

    We got much more comfortable with AP on as time went on. The car veered a little at on and off ramps, once this was a known predictable issue for us we got used to it. Some sharper turns in construction zones remained jerky or had speeds changed and we took over driving

    I got so comfortable with the car that the fall asleep at the wheel in the future seemed possible, especially for highway use.

    The screen went blank on us about 4 times, restarted within a minute or two. AP stayed working.

    An amazing ride! I believed Musk recent statements about buying any other car now is like buying a horse years ago, and that the steering wheel and pedals will be eliminated in future variants.
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    I've had the Model S P100D for a little over 2 years now and I still love it. This is the model with the ludicrous and ludicrous plus modes. I've had several supercars in my life but this one is the fastest of them all, and honestly, it's not even close. The torque this thing has off the line is just absurd, and with all-wheel drive on top of it, it's just a rocket ship compared to any other car out there that I have personally experienced, and that includes various Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, etc.

    So far it's been very reliable with very few issues. There have been a couple of times when the screen went blank, but it was easily fixed by a system reboot which is just holding down two buttons on the steering wheel for about 15 seconds.

    Personally, I enjoy driving, so I don't use the full autopilot feature very much, although I do use the assisted cruise control if I'm driving an extended amount of time on the highway. That means you set the cruise control to basically stay four car lengths behind the car in front of you so if they brake, my car automatically brakes, and if they accelerate my car accelerates too up to a predefined speed. It also keeps itself in the lane by itself, which is awesome.

    I did install the Tesla wall charger, which required the installation of double 240V lines. This can charge the car from nothing to full charge in about 5 hours and I highly recommend it for anyone who buys a Tesla.


    Aside from the supercar speeds, fast charging, zero emissions and quiet noise level when driving, the thing I like the most is the practicality of it. I can fold the back seat down and easily put my son's mountain bike in the back with no problem. And since there are both rear and front trunks, the total storage space is just ridiculous.

    At this point, I'm a happy camper and I can't imagine ever going back to a gas-powered car.
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    Who's buying TSLA here at 260?
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    Wife bought a CPO 85D and drove it home from Fremont, but changed her mind after driving a neighbor's 100D. She returned the car the next day for the S100D. The 240V is a necessity.
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    China Factory update, roof is mostly on, walls seem to be going up: http://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1147866.shtml

    Other news today without many details, TSLA says their solar pricing will be or is priced 38% below the national average.
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