TSCM will change the

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stock_trad3r, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. way people use finance forever

    I highly recommend this stock

    TSCM has massive potential. Not only do people need investment advice but they need a website that has commentary.

    Cramer slammed CMG and it fell 6%. This proves how much influence he and the street.com has.

    Millions of people use thestreet.com

    This will be huge

    I envision Thestreet.com being the next barrons or bloomberg

    target: $40 in a few years

    $17 short term

    Also chart shows a bullish cup and handle
  2. How pathetic !
    What kind of position do you have at least ?
  3. Barron's maybe since it's now more like a financial tabloid and doesn't even worth the paper it is printed on these days. But please don't put TSC and Bloomberg in the same sentence.
  4. Wow, I thought this thread would have been started by Timmay, and who starts it? Unreal. I have made a fortune shorting this pig in the past. Thanks butt brain for bringing it back on my radar.....as a short! I have it on ignore, for once i'm glad somebody quoted it's post.
  5. Bigcharts.com shows TheStreet.com, Inc. stock symbol TSCM price at the greatest value in three years. Finance.google.com is reporting TheStreet.com, Inc. net income, revenue, equity, and assets all increasing.

    I notice that rolling EPS is flat for 5 months; rolling EPS is increasing since February 2002 but showing a profit since about February 2006.

    I am a long term trend follower and I trade only on price behavior so I might be long TSCM now.
  6. Marcell


    I'm long, as well. Strong fundamentals. Broke and held upper resistance, that's my signal. But I do not see it as the "next Barron's". TSCM simply is not their caliber.
  7. The huge success of Cramer will help thestreet.com and vice versa. Thestreet.com succeeds because it is more proactive and appeals to traders versus motley fool or barrons with is written for longer term investors.
  8. nice day

    bucking the market selling
  9. GTG


    Part of the catalyst for me getting into a small position in TSCM for my long-term portfolio, was their ownership of half (now 100%) of stockpickr.com. It's a pretty innovative product. Does anyone know how much they paid for it?
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