TSCM question - emailings galore?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by rickf, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. rickf


    I've been a lurker on Real Money for a few years, but decided to let my subscription lapse when it expires for a variety of reasons about the site that just annoy me despite the fact that I do find some of the site's columnists and commentators insightful and thought-provoking.

    That said, is it just me or has TSCM been jacking up the number of e-mail advertisements to Real Money subscribers in recent weeks? I've had like 5 of them in the past week or so, all from 'Jim Cramer' and each espousing a different subscription service of the site.

    I've been a paying RM member for several years and I cannot remember seeing so many ads sent to me by them. Now and then I'd get something touting a new service, but this is definately noticeable shift in their marketing -- and there's no option in account preferences to say "no" to such things, either. (I don't subscribe to any of their member emailings, either)

    I gather for whatever reason, TSCM feels the need to start spamming its own customers now?
  2. gaj


    TSCM scaled up their email ads in 08, and really put their foot on the accelerator in 09.

    there is (was?) an option to turn off those ads in your personal settings or profile, though i can't say if it's still there.
  3. use the SPAM/Not SPAM feature of your particular. Block their domain in your email options, whatever. Use the unsubscribe button, if it appears legit.

    I get hundreds of spam per day on an older account. The filter catches > 99%.

    EVERYONE is ramping up emails to their "customers", selling their lists, anything to make a buck.