TSA Wants To Expand Groping Of Vaginas

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AMT4SWA, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States allows airline passengers to carry up to 2 kg of dry ice in carry-on baggage and 2.3 kg in checked baggage, when used to refrigerate perishables.

    So why bother with any security checks if your going to allow dry ice bombs onboard?
  2. They also allow those WITHOUT 10 year FBI background checks to SERVICE the aircraft on the ramp (food catering contractors, aircraft interior cleaning contractors, etc.....and some are even illegals :eek: )

    This is from FIRST HAND in the field knowledge from my airline industry years (even AFTER 9/11)! :eek:

    TSA is all about building a control grid to track citizens and their movements (while training them to sucome to the new ever growing POLICE STATE infrastructure).......ENJOY WHAT THE TIMID AND DOCILE MASSES HAVE ACCEPTED AS THEIR NEW NORM!!! :eek: