TSA stazi gropocrats.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crispy, May 23, 2011.

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  2. 9th grade prom, a list of rules, they did say the school would have a breathelizer. A few years ago they took all the kids lighters and cigarettes and kept them. I inquired that some kids were 18, they said it made no difference. We are not in some schellpy school district, this is a white suburban, you get caught with drugs etc, never makes the papers type district.

    Kids today do not know anything different unlike some of us who graduated years ago. They are fine with this. Oh yea they bitch and moan a little bit, that's about it.
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    I am fine with the kids having rules about what not to bring into a prom.

    Its the method of enforcement thats way out of line here. It should be parents/chaperones.

    Not this federal agency that is encroaching into our lives a little more each day. Whats next? I am walking down the sidewalk and they ask to look in my bag, need to see my papers then frisk me before sending me on my way?

    I will be happy the day the beast has eaten itself so much that it no longer has the energy to get up in the morning.

  4. I'm surprised kids' parents were willing to pay for the doggone tickets with the TSA checkpoint premium tacked on to the price. I remember my tickets were damn expensive and we only had the brethalizer!