TSA now allowed to play with your wifes BOOBS!

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  1. The complete JOKE of a police state government agency TSA (started because of 9/11....don't forget that needed FALSE FLAG!) now gets to play with your wifes boobs at the airport.......or your daughters!!!

    Don't you just LOVE your government TSA protection at the airport these days!!!


    TSA "full naked body scanners" are just around the corner coming to a town near you!!! BTW, have you heard the AWESOME news??? Now officials want to install them in many government offices citizens visit for services..........WOOOOHOOOUUUU WHAT FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Heck even COLLEGES want to get in on the fun too......zapping young students day after day with a terrawatt of full naked body scanning energy.........ppppfffffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttt!!!

    Hitler would have LOVED full naked body scanners to track his timid and docile masses (that can record and store your images for electronic transfer to a laptop or pda!!!).
  2. Dont fly commercial. You of all people should know that! :)
  3. boobs don't go bad if touched.

    unless they are the silicon kind...:eek:
  4. HAH. You guys have it lucky. I always get frisked during check in and before boarding the plane. TWICE.

    yeah, its because I am brownish.

    one of the counter check in girls once told me, YOU are one of the few people who will be checked vigorously. LOL. and she didn't mean it maliciously either. No racial profiling my ass.

    What to do? that's just life.

    suck it up and move on.
  5. for your own sake i hope your boobs don't contain silicon.
  6. Lucrum


    Hmmm, I wonder if TSA is hiring boob connoisseurs.

    I believe I have the 10,000 hours required to be an expert in the field.
  7. On an inflatable simulator?
  8. Lucrum


    It's better you stick to what you know best Gayfly.

    Your own rendition of the vagina monologues.

    I hear you're a hit in the Canadian night clubs.
  9. You seem on edge. Did someone let the air out of your party?
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