TSA “Behavioral Detection” Officer Sentenced - Helping Drug Dealers Through Security

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    Agent ensured marijuana traffickers avoided full body scanners

    January 5, 2012

    A TSA “Behavioral detection” officer was sentenced to two years in prison on conspiracy charges Wednesday after being found guilty of providing information to suspected drug traffickers and helping them get past security checkpoints with minimum scrutiny.

    Minnetta Walker was arrested last March by federal agents at Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

    Investigators discovered that Walker had helped traffickers move large amounts of cash through the airport, escorting them through security lines, directing them away from the naked body scanners and patdown security lines, and ensuring their luggage bypassed screening areas.

    Walker also aided at least one suspected narcotics trafficker to fly under a false identity and warned at least one other suspect that police officers were conducting undercover surveillance of him.

    TSA scum hired through "psychological evalutions" process just can't stop showing who they really are - PSYCHO SCUM!

  2. Lucrum


    Where is BSAM at, to support these fools?
  3. Mvector


    LOL - he is in TSA new hire training I heard - he wants to reach out and touch someone.
  4. 2 years is way too little for this piece of crap.
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    I'd be OK with two years, provided he was brutally tortured the entire time.
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    This is not surprising in an agency tailor made to appeal to psychopaths.
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    There's bad apples in every orchard, among the many good ones.

    A "killer" like yourself, though Lukie; I suppose you'd rather not have the TSA at airline gates, huh??

    I wouldn't want to board without them!

    Seriously, I'm not exactly sure where we disagree on this topic.

    Do you think they are going overboard in their search techniques?
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    I won't fly until the TSA goes away. I'll take my itty bitty chances of being blown up by Big Bad Terrorists (about as likely as getting struck by lightening) rather than be a sheep who willingly gives up his 4th Amendment rights every time he wants to go someplace.
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    Not in it's present form. Which is all but useless, and insanely expensive to boot. ROI with our current TSA is probably a negative number.

    I think they're searching the wrong people. They should profile and focus on the most likely suspects. OR search everyone, no exceptions. This random shit is just stupid. Even that isn't the only problem though. The vast majority of TSA agents are stereotypical government employees. Many are unemployable in the private sector. They have no motivation, no desire to be efficient or productive. Many are boarder line retards. They're overpaid and lazy.
    Short of being arrested for a felony, no matter how much they fuck up the don't get fired.
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    with daily DNA ripping body scanning and anal probing from fellow improsioned agents. :D
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