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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by raco, Dec 23, 2006.

  1. raco


    I am a Tradestation8 user and I use it to trade Cme futures, I find it wonderful.
    My question is: can I use Ts8 at the same time with Ninja in order to trade Eurex futures with another broker? (Ts8 now gives Eurex datafeed).
    Thank you
  2. StrategyRunner

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    Try StrategyRunner, we have a plug & play tool that lets you auto-execute any of your TS8 systems in any futures broker of your choice. You can even route your orders to multiple brokers (multi-broker execution).
  3. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    Yes you can.
  4. Does your P&P feature allow for inter-market analysis (TRIN, VIX, Advancers/Decliners, etc.) and analyzing/trading multiple futs markets (YM, NQ, ES)?

    I've been working on some nice TS coding for trading futs intra-day, but don't have high level programming knowledge right now and would be interested in working with an intermediary.

    Thing is, with TradeBolt going through its power plays I'm not sure what is the best route to take now.


  5. I use TS8 along with its built in broker as my backup broker. I then use NT on top of Man Financial/PATS to trade the minis. Both are going concurrently and it all works fine. I do not use NT to trade the TS based broker (I don't even know if I could... I think so, but the native TS interface is fine as a simple backup broker).
  6. raco


    I would like to use Ts8 automation to Tsbroker and Ts8->Ninja automation to another broker at thew same time on the same platform. So you are saying its possible i will try, thank you
  7. StrategyRunner

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    Well, you have all of this built in to TS, you program your systems in easy language (ELD) and then execute using our tool any any broker of your choice

  8. OK, thanks for your reply, I will look into it.


  9. AC3


    I was curious if anyone else had experienced something while using NinjaTrader and TS 8.x I recently started using it and periodically my TS logs off and when it attempts to reconnect I get a message in the Logon Box saying the following: "Logon Failed. COM object
    not initialized. Please close application and reload." If anyone else has experienced this and knows a way around it I would appreciate an assist.
  10. is ninja a decent substitute for tradebullet?
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