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  1. I haven't had my turn to download TS7 yet, so instead of waiting, I thought I'd ask those who already have it whether you can implement OCO ( fill order and cancel other) orders without resorting to automation? I saw that TS7 has (finally!) included GTC orders and Good to Date orders. I'm wondering whether you can place both a target and a stop on the internal servers? I'm guessing you can't but will be happy to be proved wrong.
  2. Nope - OCO/OCA orders not available in TS7.

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    I trade using TS using a combination of automated and discretionary systems. IMO, the lack of OCO type orders is a serious limitation that TS needs to fix.

    Tradestation rep, any comments about when this might be fixed?
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    I think I know the answer to this, but could someone that has used TS7 please verify.

    Does TS7 have Renko charts?

    It seems there are already at least 2 other holes in the feature set of TS7 that I would miss having. It seems crazy that they would spend all this time and millions of bucks developing a system that still has holes in it. I'm afraid to even ask about the bugs in it...

    If TS7 doesn't do Renko, I guess I'll have to write my own automated system using esignal and IB. Ugh.
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    Never heard of Renko charts, I did do a search in TS7 but couldn't find them. TS7 just has the regular Bar, line and candle formats.

    Are they available in Esignal?

    May I ask how you use these charts? Are they effective in determining S/R? I did do a search on the web and found some information.


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    There is software that interfaces Tradestation software to IB and IB has all kinds of types of orders.

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    Esignal has Renko, Kagi, 3point break, and I think with efs you can get equivolume. It also has the standard candle, bar, line, and point and figure.
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    O I forgot to mention that the answer to the original question is no, no oco orders, at least online from what I have read. Don't know if they plan it, if youre going to wait for it in the next release it might be a few yrs. (Thats how long the first new release took).
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    Yes they are available in Esignal, though they are very buggy. I'm looking for a different charting program that does renko that I can automate IB orders with. Anyone have any suggestions?

    That link you posted explains Renko pretty well. Not sure I could add anything. I don't use it for S/R, I use pivots, trendlines, etc. for that. I just use it to see the trend.