TS6 Downtime

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  1. Lost connection 20 minutes ago. Now up again. Did not have any problems before.
    I use TS6 for quotes, charts and backtest since January 2002 (not for trading).
  2. i lost connection about 3 hrs ago and i do use ts for trading.
    costs me again about 100$ ,
    was the last day i use ts6 for trading with strategies.
    i go back to swing trading.
    daytrading was not really my favour, but ts-strategies made me believe, i could change from swing/position trading to very short-term trading.
    i better stay at swings :). so the connection is not really important, as the trades are sent directly to the broker and not held on my computer to be sent in certain cases.
    by the way:
    today i tested a new strategy, to sell first half as profit target, second half as trailing.

    one sell limit order, second order was stop loss.
    the 'account manager' was not really interested in my stop loss order.
    it was held until my limit order was done, before that it was not recognized.
    if there is anyone understanding that: congratulations. i dont

    at least, i lost about 500$ last 10 days only cause of lost connection(happened 2 times longer than a minute, a hundred times about 5 seconds, which i guess is no problem).
    the first time i lost connection last week,i didnt see that a stop order was not send, so the loss was big.
    but i very seldom make same failure twice :)
    when using strategies, i always have the message-window open.
    so today i saw(after beeing reconnected), again a stop loss wasnt send.
    i sent it by hand (not by strategy, it thought, order was done !!)
    at a lower price(what else ???).
    but todays lost was 'small' cause it was only the half position, and this position was in a profit trailing phase.
    the first half was sold a few minutes ago.(thanks god)

    if ts loses connection,you are not able to do anything.
    even orders to close the positions over a website are not possible.
    its a shame

    didnt have such probs with datek.
    i get impression, ts is made for analysis, not for trading.

  3. 3 hrs ago means 1 PM EST
    3 hrs back according to fx-traders posting time :)
  4. My TS6 connection status changed while I was typing my post.
    TS6 disconnection was for 20 minutes. IB TWS was fine & running ...
  5. to be honest,
    i guess it was not ts fault.
    i was in front of my screen all the time (without looking always :) )
    but i didnt have a downtime of 20 min.
    max downtime i had last 2 weeks was about 1 min, maybe 2 min.

    perhaps the prob is wherever.
    what i dont understand ( as a kind of network-specialist)

    ts has about 20 or more servers.
    but whenever i try to reach (ping) them in case of downtime (to test) i cant reach them all. (ok, i didnt ping 20 of them, but 5-8 i did)

    the meaning of backupservers is not to have multiple machines, it is to have different ways to handle computers work in case of emergency situation.
    that means also different servers should have different connections. (not every server, but for ex. 20 servers, 4 connections)

    as i said, i keep away from daytradin with ts.
    its unbeatable in backtesting and analysing, but its bad in trading at all.
    for daytrading i expect a buy/sell button on my level II screen for example.

    hope, you see it my way

    anyway, wish good trades

  6. Ready to trade (IB TWS up & running), but no charts (TS6). :(
  7. Might have 20 min today that TS6 was in "Redirection Mode". That means it said "Redirecting to ...",
    but somehow was not successful in its efforts. Finally there was a successful login and no further problems.
  8. yes,
    ts6 changes into 'offline' mode if beeing disconected over a certain time.
    saw that while i was wondering 'i know that intraday setup ???'
    and i saw, after clicking 'file-workonline' that it was not online any more. well, the red ball on the lower part of screen was red.

    i did what i said before:
    no more day/strategy-trading, i walk for swinging know.
    and im satisfied with the last two days.

    and at least:
    as not beeing a pro, just trading for passion (and money, ok)
    my work and stress declined.

    but one work will never be gone:


    so far for the weekend

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    I believe you're misinformed (and spreading misinformation): In short, TS6 does not disconnect for me when I leave it unattended. If TS6 is disconnecting for you, it may have to do with your Internet Service Provider or other aspects of your connection. Instability in your connection might also explain those stop loss problems you mentioned previously (though I would not be surprised to learn that there was some other explanation).
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    FX - I was on TS6 all day today, from before the open until the close, and had no such problems. Did you call them up and inquire about any connection problems?
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