TS6 and Credit Cards

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by TGregg, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. TGregg


    Not sure if this is just an isolated incident (and I'm unlucky) or TradeStation is having some problems. This AM, they told me that (for some mysterious reason) my credit card didn't want to pay the main fee month (but it did pay two $10 charges). So, I called my credit card company and they said they not only didn't they refuse payment, TradeStation never even asked them for money (the two $10 charges).

    So now I am waiting on the phone (the first time I called this morning, I got right through). I suspect that TS has some sort of major problem. But, I do not know for sure.

    I'll follow up with what I learn later.
  2. TGregg


    Somehow the expiration year on my CC got changed (over at tradestation). Pretty strange, I've had all this stuff for over a year with no changes by me.

    But, everything seems oK now.