TS200I api for esignal

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  1. hi

    I'd like to use tradestion 2000i with esignal .
    Could you help me to get the api , and the process for using TS200I with esignal.

  2. Tradestation 2000i is a charting program that needs a 3rd party data feed, of which esignal is one available. Setting this up is part of the TS installation process and does not need anything additional.

    I bet this next sentence is just what you want to hear - check your manual :)
  3. Are you sure, Have you checked your manual? :D
  4. Or maybe a better question: was there a manual that came with that cd disc copy :)
  5. All you have to do is install Tradestation; he will ask if you want realtime or EOD dat and which datafeed you would like to use.
    Afterwards he will ask you if he has to install Esignal.
    Say YES and upgrade afterwards by downloading the newest Esignal version.

    Even for non original versions the procedure is the same.

  6. 1-First install TS2000i, and choose Esignal as realtimedata feed
    2-Install Esignal
    3-close both TS2000i and Esignal program
    4-Install eSignal ActiveX Plugin for TS2000i:
    http://share.esignal.com/groupcontents.jsp?folder=eSignal Plugin for Tradestation 2000i&groupid=135
    5-Now, open TS2000i
    5-and follow instruction in this manual:
    Setup Guide for eSignal ActiveX Plugin for TS2000i.mht
    http://share.esignal.com/groupcontents.jsp?folder=eSignal Plugin for Tradestation 2000i&groupid=135

    You don't need anything esle to do, let us now if still you
    have any problem
  7. Three remarks:

    Install first the Esignal software that is on the TS2000i CD and upgrade afterwards. Otherwise you might have problems with the links between Global Server and Esignal.

    The plug-in is only for downloading missing data directly from Esignal, it has nothing to do with the standard functionality of TS2000i. You need a recent version of Esignal otherwise the plug-in will not function.

    Install the plug-in only after you have checked that the standard software TS2000i and the datafeed connection with Esignal is OK. This will be easier in case the installation goes wrong, because you will know which part causes the problem.
  8. I think you are driving yourself confused, do as mentioned
    i have done this few times (i had to clean format my PCs)
    and never had problems, this is what also recommanded
    by esignal.