ts2000i with esignal again

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by olivierteper, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. Thank you for your replies to have the real time data on TS via esignal.

    Now as i already said , im a novice in TS , and very unable guy on software.

    So my second question will be about the data.

    In fact i'd like to know if its possible to have the datas automatically on TS via esignal .
    I mean when im trying to be connected on TS at 10am on dax , my charts starts a 10am without the historical datas.

    So please to all the traders , how is it possible to get the datas ?
    ifi cannot to get them automatically , do you guys have an idea to find a solution?

    thank you
  2. cosmic


    you should check with eSignal about that question, they have a tool for downloading historical tick data into the Global Server, something like UniServer will do it. try it at www.esignalcentral.com

    have a good day,
  3. maxpi


    That Esignal ActiveX tool is very easy to set up and works fine.
  4. At the 2000i forum from esignal you can download the program and also the setup guide. The setup guide explains very well how to proceed.