TS2000i vs TS8

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  1. I read somewhere that TS2000i was obselete. Can anyone confirm?

    If not, what are the pros and cons of using TS8 over TS2000i?

  2. Not obsolete at all. I'm running 7 copies of ts2000i. Depends on your needs. The advantage of ts8 is the easy data-on-demand+brokerage built in which 2000i does not have. With ts8, you get data through tradestation securities. With 2000i, data is purchased from vendors like esignal, dtn, qcharts, etc.

    For people not used to either one, it is better to go with ts8 *unless* there is some complex technical reason to use 2000i.
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    Sounds like a excellent reason for using 2000i. Imagine paying for 7 TS accounts.
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    TS 2000i is actually version 5. Tradestation Securities is no longer fixing any TS 5 bugs. Nor can they properly support it because they focus on their current operations. In that sense it is obsolete. It is still used because it serves international markets well.
  5. This is not the only reason to stay with TS2000.

    If you want TS8 it will cost you 100$ a month. Except if you take their brokerage service.

    I started with TS 3.5, upgraded to TS4.0 and later to TS2000i.

    I still didn't reach the level where TS2000 would block my trading due to it's limitations.

    As i don't like the brokerage services of TS at all i save 1200$ a year and can choose the best brokerage services at my convenience.

    I think too many people focus on the best software instead of focusing on their trading. If you are not profitable now, you will not become it by using "better" software. Software is a tool, for trading one needs skills primarily.

    So the question TS2000 or TS8 is for most people irrelevant.
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    In the sense that most people lose money anyway :confused:
    Sounds like you have been a long time user of Omega Research products.
    I actually have my System Writer Plus dongle in front of me. This was the grand daddy of EasyLanguage and ran under DOS using 64K. They integrated this with Supercharts to become Tradestation.
    2000i came out in '99 and I think they wrote it incredibly fast so it could run on 1999 architecture computers. I have been involved in some trading platform projects myself and we could never figure how Globalserver could be that fast.
  7. Would not switch at all if I can help it.

    Why change a standalone package to a monthly payment based package? It is still current outside the US.

    My view is similar to spike500: If you cannot make money with 2000i then you cannot make money with 8 either. It is only a tool.

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    TS2000 with DTN satellite is probably the most bang for your buck you are ever going to see in this lifetime. I went with the new TS software a couple of years ago but it would have been cheaper to set up the satellite and I could probably have done as well. Having said that, I must say that TS8/XP is a Cadillac and TS2000/Win98 was a volkswagen that oftentimes did not want to run. TS2k/XP is probably a lot better, I never had that setup going so I don't know.
  9. Put TS8 on a windows98 and it wil be a volkswagen as well.
    The problem was the OS; not TS2000 or TS8.

    I ran TS2000 with satellite dish and with internet. Worked both very well.
    I ran TS2000 on NT4, Windows2000 and Windows2000 Server.

    Never had any problem at all.

    PS: I think Volkswagen is much more reliable than Cadillac. German cars have a better reputation than American cars. But i understand that Americans see this differently.
  10. I have TS2000i and wouldn’t consider it obsolete and use it all the time. True they no longer support it but I don’t need support, but TS has a user support forum for it. Most TS8 strategies and indicators will run on 2000i (in some cases key words will have to be changed (e.g., “Sell Short” to “Sell”)). And they just introduced some enhancements to their graphics package (e.g., maximum number of lines that can be plotted) so things will start to diverge there.

    I run TS2000i under XP and use eSignal as the data feed (eSignal supports their ActiveX plug-in for TS2000i). I’ve have had no stability, blue screen, or freeze-up problems of any type.

    The biggest difference is that TS8 supports automated trading (with the TradeStation Securities broker only) and that it will not let you import third party data. One of the common complaints about TS8 is that they only have a few months of tick data available, but with 2000i you can import as much third party data as you want (but you have to pay for it).

    If you want to trade intraday, the eSignal Basic data feed will cost about $80/month for use by TS2000i vs. $100/month for TS8 that includes the data feed. So for that cost differential, TS8 may be a good choice. However, if you only need end-of-day data TS2000i can import data from a number of venders in MetaStock or text format for $20-30/month for free data from Yahoo.
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