TS2000i tracking center window "jammed"

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    Reposting in Strategy trading as likely more TS users here.

    TS2000i tracking center window "jammed"

    I have a problem with my tracking center window seemingly jammed on some old datafeed symbols and alerts.

    I recently ran and followed the Setup Wizard in Globalsever in order to switch from a DBC emulation based(?) data feed converter (Metaserver for Interactive Brokers) to Hyperserver which I think uses a different protocol for feeding Globalserver. Since I did that the tracking center window is jammed at the old alert symbols page and non functioning i.e showing the last symbols and alerts from when running with Metaserver prior to running Setup Wizard . It cannot be cleared by using the right click 'clear alerts' function (nothing happens) and will not register new alerts from a fresh batch of symbols fed via Hyperserver.

    Any idea how I can "unjam" it and get it to work with current alerts? e.g is there a data file that can be deleted and replaced? I am hoping ther is a way to fix this without reinstalling, alternatively, will reinstalling actually fix it?
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    The solution for anyone else who has this:

    An error message during the installation led to a solution! -

    error message was:

    ORGTCC.EXE - Entry Point Not Found.
    The procedure entry point ?OnGridPrint@CORObjectiveGridView@@UAEXPAVCDC@@PAUCPrintInfo@@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library ORGut12.dll

    Caused by Tracking center files not being linked/linkable into registry as you suggested. I have reinstalled before without issue, but for some reason it will now not register during install even after deletion of registry files so you have to register manually using:

    C:\Progra~1\Omegar~1\Program\orgtcc.exe /regserver
    and/or C:\Progra~1\Omegar~1\Program\ortc.exe /regserver

    in the procedure below

    >This document discusses how to manually register an application that is not properly entered into the system registry. This procedure will be necessary when an application that is attempting to be started returns an error message stating that the application is not properly entered in the system registry.

    How To:
    Follow these steps to manually register an application. This procedure uses the TradeStation executable. For other applications, please refer to the table in the Known Issues section below.

    1. Close all applications.

    2. Click on Start | Run.

    3. Type the line "C:\Progra~1\Omegar~1\Program\s32.exe /regserver"
    without the quotes were C is the drive letter where the program was installed. This example uses the default directory path of Program FilesOmega Research, if you installed to a different directory path, use the appropriate path. The ~1 usage in the above example replaces the long filename present in Windows. Long filenames (directories or files with names longer than 8 characters) should not be used when manually registering an application. The first 6 letters of the directory followed by the ~1 for the first directory created. A second directory named Program Directory that had been created after Program Files would use the name Progra~2. In most cases, ~1 will always be used.

    4. Click the OK button.

    Known Issues:
    The same procedure will need to be completed for each improperly registered application. Refer to the table below to find out which *.exe file will need to be used for each application or component.

    ProSuite Desktop, TradeStation Desktop, or OptionStation Desktop




    SuperCharts SE


    EasyLanguage PowerEditor

    Omega Research Internet Browser


    Tracking Center

    Message Log
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    The persistence required to use TS2k is just amazing. Better you than me btw.
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    Yes I agree, it has been a brutal, poorly documented learning curve, with each problem you finally solve or work around immediately being replaced by the next on the list. I would say allow 2 years just to learn all the nuances, settings, and ways it can trip you up and not function as you want it to. I trade non US markets and use it because of datafeed flexibility, certain indicators, Radarscreen, and the ability to present things in the same way across markets, otherwise I probably would not bother.
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    I second that, I tried 20001 for a few weeks but it beat me down. Anyone who can perserver has incredible fortitude and patience.