TS2000i tracking center window "jammed"

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mokwit, Mar 17, 2007.

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    TS2000i tracking center window "jammed"

    I have a problem with my tracking center window seemingly jammed on some old datafeed symbols and alerts.

    I recently ran and followed the Setup Wizard in Globalsever in order to switch from a DBC emulation based(?) data feed converter (Metaserver for Interactive Brokers) to Hyperserver which I think uses a different protocol for feeding Globalserver. Since I did that the tracking center window is jammed at the old alert symbols page and non functioning i.e showing the last symbols and alerts from when running with Metaserver prior to running Setup Wizard . It cannot be cleared by using the right click 'clear alerts' function (nothing happens) and will not register new alerts from a fresh batch of symbols fed via Hyperserver.

    Any idea how I can "unjam" it and get it to work with current alerts? e.g is there a data file that can be deleted and replaced? I am hoping ther is a way to fix this without reinstalling, alternatively, will reinstalling actually fix it?