TS2000i to IB TWS Bridge

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    Are there any off the shelf solutions? If I were to build it myself, what do I need to do? I think I need to read from TS2000i's Tracking Center, but I'm not sure how to do it. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Depends on the type of "bridge": data or orders


    Keep in mind, syncing the order status and position status between the platforms is still a problem....ie a signal in tradestation may indicate "buy" and a long position, yet IB may not have gotten the fill, etc.
    Very tricky stuff.
    You've got to actually trigger the order to IB from an INDICATOR, wait for the fill from IB, and then place the order by triggering a signal in tradestation. Even this approach has problems: the market may have moved away from your fill price.
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    i only want orders functionality. TS2000i sends the orders to IBTWS.

    In your example with trade commander, if IB already filled the order then why do you need to generate a signal to send another order? Am I reading you correctly?
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    Why do you not consider multicharts?
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    multicharts still has some problems and it's quite expensive.
  6. You don't understand: TWSLINK works via DLL calls. You must know Easy Language pretty well to accomplish this. If you don't care about tracking performance in TS2000i, then there is no problem. However, if you DO want to track it, then you can generate the signals without placing another order into IB...you just don't make the TWSLINK DLL call that's all. Get it ? In other words you can generate orders in TS2000i without placing orders into IB and vice versa. If you want to "sync" the two, that's the tricky part.
  7. Can you enumerate the problems ? What exactly ?
  8. tradebullet might be what you are looking for. it is 'off the shelf'. TWSLink is, as mentioned, a nice solution, but only if you are proficient with coding.. it's challenging for most i expect
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    i still don't understand. my ts2000i generates a buy signal. the buy signal goes to twslink and twslink sends it to IB. IB fills the order.

    at this point TS2000i already already has a signal showing on the chart. what do you mean when you ask whether i want TS2000i to track the order?

  10. You're making a lot of assumptions. Are you using market orders, limit orders, ???
    Does IB fill the order 100% of the time ?
    In the case of a market order, is the fill price EXACTLY the same as Tradestation's EVERY TIME ?
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