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  1. I finally installed it. Kind of a pain in the ass to import data into and manage the global server. I'm getting used to it but still a pain. Is there an easy way to add symbols to the dictionary? Def. a reason to
    subscribe to TS8.

    And where is the portfolio testing feature?
    I must have not installed it. ;) Is Rina the only option?

    So do I have to run every single strategy individually or did I just miss the ranking module (ala Wealth Lab)?

    I like that there are a gazillion systems, indicators, function ...etc. available. But by the same token are any of them any good?

    Def. an interesting piece of software.
  2. I would not be without it.

    Try trading with TS8 on a 14K modem. :eek:

    vital analitics
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    Assuming you have more than a 14k modem then I'd say there isn't much point having TS2ki anymore. The reason for keeping TS2ki was a) it is free and you had to pay for TS8, and b) you could import your own data whereas with TS8 you were reliant on the (limited) data feeds from the TS network.

    Now with TS8 SP1 you can load your own data (and TS have said they are getting Eurex feeds within a few weeks anyway). And with the new fee structure you can get TS8 for free if you do only 10 round-trips per month.
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    TS2k does not have a portfolio level tester, RINA is one option. The Global Server makes me crazy just thinking about it.
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    RE: "Is there an easy way to add symbols to the dictionary".

    I would also like to know if there is an alternative to typing in 250 equity symbols by hand.............................
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    You could purchase TradersStudio and use the migration tool to translate your EasyLanguage code and then to the portfolio level testing. The migration tool translates 95% of your code without any changes, so using your EasyLanguage code is only few few mouse clicks away in most cases. You also can do integrated money management combining multiple systems on baskets of markets. Please look at the following tutorials.


    TradersStudio cost is only 499.00. We also plan a intra-day version for release this spring.
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    TradersStudio is proven. Please look at our customer comments link. Some of these people used the proven products from big companies but love TradersStudio. Once again I will tell you we don't edit testimonial , they are on the site as is. If you start editing that is a slippery slope, so it better to leave them as it.


    These are real people.

    I guess , Microsoft should not of gotten into the spreadsheet market because Lotus was so good and proven. Why should Amazon exist, that was a stupid idea since , there are plenty of real bookstores, a on-line bookstore is unproven.

    I guess Fedex should not exist since we have the proven Post Office. Fedex is a stupid idea. I could go on and on.

    Maybe big companies , are too big to have the big idea, too big to hear customer requests. TradersStudio is dedicated to the needs of the traders.
  8. Purchasing your product includes all source code in VB or not?
  9. 1. If you are using EOD data you can store the data in a 3rd party directory in MetaStock or ascii format. Then you don’t have to use the GlobalServer, just select ‘3rd party directory’ on the insert chart dialog box and scroll to select any symbol in that directory. Set your EOD data provider software to automatically store your updates in that directory. However if you are using TS2000i for realtime trading you have to use the GlobalServer. I use eSignal as my data provider and they interface directly with the GlobalServer, but I only use a few symbols intraday. I added the symbols manually. There may be a well to automate or import symbols; I don’t know how to do it. You’re going to have to read the user manual or go to TS2000i or your data provider’s support site to find how to do it. It may be quicker just to enter the symbols.

    2. TS2000i does not have a portfolio feature but they say that TS-8 will sometime in the near future (months I think – check their web site). I’ve built my own platform for portfolio testing, data mining, and strategy development. For me TS2000i is bought and paid for, but is still great for testing new ideas and day trading ETFs when I want to.

    3. You have to run each strategy independently.

    4. Are any of them any good? In general, anything in the public domain has stopped being profitable; free money doesn’t lie around for long. You have to go through the trial and error process of developing something that works.
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    No , We don't sell source code. We are a commercial product. You can write addins to TradersStudio using VB 6.0 or in C++ in addition to our language. Our product is not only in VB, we have C++ code for the bulk of it. It is a big program which has required over 15-20 man years to reach this point. Yes that how much work it is to develop a trading platform. We have had a team of programmers since 2001 working on this project.
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