TS2000i & PriceDistribution aka Market Profile

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  1. Hi,

    I am the proud owner of an Omega Prosuite, including the Tradestation2000i and I am having a little problem with the activity bar study called Price Distribution (pretty much the same as Market Profile).

    When I display the Price Distribution with a 30 min interval, each cell gets a certain color and a number with it, starting with 2/blue (I dont know why they start with 2/blue, but so what). The problem is, that after the 9th color and the number 9, the cells are still getting different colors, but there is only on digit displayed so that I can only see 1 instead of 10.
    I tried to figure out where in the code on can change the width of the cells, but had no success. Further I tried to switch the number so letters, but my EL is too weak to re-write the code.
    Can anybody help me with that?



    P.S.: I know that Tradestation has a community site for their new products. Several months ago I posted a question to a subforum, dedicated to TS2000i issues, but never got an answer. Few weeks later I posted the same question (EL related) in the TS8 forum, since there was lots of activity, but my msg got moved to the subforum again and guess what - no answer.
    If any TS ppl listen and want to comment, pls go ahead. But one thing: NO, I dont want to switch to your a new plattform, I´m happy with the old-fashioned 2000i and the freedoms I have with it.
    Since I was an honest customer (or idiot), I didnt buy a russian copy for $200, but the original for 4 grands, so telling me to upgrade, will only fuck me up even more.

    If anybody knows a decent and active TS forum where knowledgeable ppl are around, please let me know.
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