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    I need some help. Im looking for intraday historical data that is compatible with TS2000i. Can CSI data be imported into globalserver?

    Any suggestions? I need some advice as i navigate the labyrinth of market data and its software counterparts.
  2. I don’t know anything about CSI data.

    But you can import data into TS2000i in either ascii or MetaStock format. This doesn’t use the GlobalServer. You just place the data in directories and select the symbol from the 3rd Party Directory (click the 3rd Party Directory radio button on the Create Chart Window dialog box) when you want a chart.

    You can get historical data in ascii format from a number of vendors (e.g. HQuote, TickData, ANF, etc).

    You can also use eSignal for realtime (and historical) data; they have a tool which connects directly to the GlobalServer.
  3. Warning, CSI don't offer tick data and TickData inc without
    quotes, incase you need it

    Most data format supported in TS2000i, if not, then
    convert them into excel format and load into Global server

    Tradstation 8.1 service pack 1 to be released can support
    any data type also
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    Nana trader,

    Thanks for your help. What other data vendors can provide historical intraday data? and does TS2000i support ASCII data format?

  5. ". . . and does TS2000i support ASCII data format?"

    Read my first post.
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    sorry, i meant historical intraday ASCII format.
    I heard some where that in ASCII format it can only take EOD data.
    Wolfvector your help is also greatly appreciated!
  7. http://www.traderssoft.com/hist/hc/
  8. HQuote, TickData, ANF all provide historical ascii data down to 1 minute resolution; TickData also provides historical tick data in ascii format. Search Google to find out more.