TS2000 programming question

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  1. Hello,

    I have an indicator calculated based on daily closing prices that triggers signals at the open of the next bar and I want to specify a stoploss and exit target that will be active and executed even on the first bar of opening a position. For example, the position is opened at the open of a bar and the stoploss or exit target may be executed during the same day. The stoploss is 2% of the entry price and the exit target is 3% of the entry price

    If condition then begin

    what do I use next to have TS2000 execute my stoploss and exit target even on the first entry bar?

  2. ronblack


    I recall I dealt with this issue long time ago when I was playing with easylanguage. I think there are a few functions you can use to set stop-loss and profit level but I don't remember now which ones I used. I think the usual way of exiting won't consider entry bars for exits.