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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mccmatthew, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. Any thoughts on these platforms for someone starting out to write there own trading system for futures (E-MINIS).

    Have looked into both for ease of use, complete package of indicators, and backtesting ability.

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    none would probably be the right answer unless you wanna spend a lot of money. I would recommend Wealth-Lab (www.wealth-lab.com). The software is 500$ only. On the internet you can do what TS or Meta can do for free. So save the bugs for trading :).

  3. Thank you for your answer after examining Wealth-labs website and looking at there platform It does seem seem to be the best for the money. Compared to trade stations with there (easy language) feature to write parameters, how hard is the learning curve for wealth lab to start programing for a beginner.

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    i find it extremly easy to use. I am old time TS user and moved directly to WLD2. If you can not programm with WLD2 then you will not be able to do that with TS.

    besides the price WLD2 has so many more features that you havent seen.... I bet. So before deciding you should know what the Evaluator in WLD2 does or how to use the Analysis Tool or .... if you have seen it, understood it and can not use it then go back to MetaStock.