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    While back Kymar said that TS had enough cash for the rest of the year.
    Wonder has the cash situation gotten better, worse?
    With the stock price so low and market conditions bad would think TS could be an aquisition candidate.

    Would hate to open new accounts with TS and then have them bought out or get into financial trouble. Moving is a hassle!


  2. good questions...I'm thinking about opening an account with them. I basically resigned myself to the fact that if TS gets bought or runs out of cash, I'll be a Bear client...be interested to hear any other thoughts (or responses from management)
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    I saw a lic plate in CHGO with your name, is it you?
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    Wish it was :)

    In the same area though.

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    I don't claim to be an authority on assessing the financial stability of companies - but, then again, these days that might count as a qualification.

    The following link should take you to a page that in turns links to a report on TS's most recent earnings report, as well as analyst coverage from Robbie Stephens in Jan. that mentions TS's cash position at that time (seen as good for 12 to 18 months from then) as well as speculation about takeover possibilities.


    Make of it what you will!

    Would the recent sale of legacy accounts to Siebert have improved the cash position somewhat?

    Also: I'm not sure that a takeover would be a negative. It's not my impression, for instance, that CyberTrader's service declined after Schwab bought it - quite the opposite. Maybe someone who's had experience at other DA firms that were taken over has a different opinion?
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    Thx for the help.

    Who knows maybe Bear Sterns would buy them out.
    Wouldn't be a bad thing.

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    A quick question about the TS software.
    Will the software allow you to search for 52 week highs in real time?


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    Hope the SIPC has money left.
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    Not really - at least not currently. There's discussion but as yet no details that I've seen on incorporating a version of RadarScreen (the Omega Research scanning software) in an upcoming major upgrade, and in the meantime there's some stuff you can do to automate a search process at least partially, but, as far as true real-time market-wide scanning goes, all the platform currently offers is "ranking lists" of major losers/gainers and most actives.
  10. Supposedly the next version is going to include versions of RadarScreen. For more info on this you can check:

    (See bottom of page under "quote analysis")


    Customer Service says the version will be released in the Fall of this year. (Also to include option analysis tools). Also, the co-CEOs sent out some letter about coming changes, and it included a blip about including these features...can't remember where I saw it though
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