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  1. I use Metastock and want to convert a program to EL
    but having a tough time with this one...

    I asked over at TSworld but they never reply to anyone's post..lol

    any help is appreciated!!


    Slw:=Input("Slowing double stoch",1,5,3);
    Pds:=Input("Periods double stoch",3,21,10);
  2. PM KymarFye or nitro for some help.

    I know what you mean about TSWorld. It has been dreadful.

  3. thanks for the info!!
  4. DaveN


    Hi Matt,

    Here's the code ----------------------

    Inputs: Slw(3), Pds(10);

    {Using a variable once will make your code run faster than calling a function
    multiple times in an equation}
    Vars: LWST(Close), HGST(Close), HGST_Fast(50), LWST_Fast(50);
    Vars: Fast(50), Slow(50);

    HGST = Highest(High,Pds);
    LWST = Lowest(Low,Pds);
    Fast = XAverage((Close-LWST)/(HGST-LWST),Slw) * 100;

    HGST_Fast = Highest(Fast,Pds);
    LWST_Fast = Lowest(Fast,Pds);
    Slow = XAverage((Fast-LWST_Fast)/(HGST_Fast-LWST_Fast),Slw)*100;

  5. appreciate everyone's help :wtf:)

    This board Rocks$$$$
  6. just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Tradestation who have been extrememly helpful to me in everyway possible..

    The above comment was made in regard to a past issue that has been since resolved...

    I apologize for any misunderstanding....

    Thanks again to TS.... and especially
    Mark Mills
    EasyLanguage Specialist, TradeStation Technologies