TS can't backtest a portfolio???

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  1. I'm pretty fed up with Investor/RT and was about to switch to TradeStation, but I decided to download and read the manuals first. It looks like you can only backtest single symbols, not groups of symbols. I emailed TS support and asked, and they told me "The backtesting component is done on 1 symbol at a time. The results would also be on an individual basis"

    Is that really true? It seems like portfolio backtesting is such a basic feature, I can't believe they don't have it. TS is so highly rated as a backtesting platform.

    Can someone set me straight on this?

  2. lundy


    use wealthlab
  3. Murray Ruggiero

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  4. Amibroker & Portfolio Backtesting = $ 200 U.S
  5. Why Murray Ruggiero likes to talk to himself :p
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    (wealth-lab) WLD 3.0 if you live outside of the Empire :)
    TRy veritrader or whatever they call it after the sale.... hint... google...
  7. I use Rina with TS and its pretty sweet. It comes at a high price though. PortfolioMerge is much cheaper.
  8. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. I'll check out all the alternatives that were suggested.

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