TS: Another Regression build 1847

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Luto, May 25, 2004.

  1. Luto


    I just posted this to TS but thought other should know or chime if they are having issues with 1747.


    I just hit this. I am sure it is hard to repro.


    Start Build 1747 with Matix, 8 windows (one with 901 days of 60 Min QQQ data), 3 custom undocked toolbars, , (bug 1: Somtimes the tools are stacked in 2 rows somtimes 1 but only when grayed out).

    Click on tollbar to launch order bar.
    It appears docked, even though I have repeatedly undocked when closing. (bug2)

    Undock Order bar and resize to single screen (Matrox Parhilia)
    Click Parked orders
    Click Chart (60 min one mentioned above)

    Result: HD and CPU start churning. ORPLat.exe V 8.7 176Kb at 50% CPU on HT Task Man.

    Expect: Toolbars are obviously in need of fixing. This code has been flakey for the last 3 builds. Redraw of windows seems slower. Check the toolbar redraws. These are regresion bugs. Also these are Class 1 Critical RED, find new software type bugs when they start crashing the program.