TS 8.1 offline+Owndata 2.4 - can't get it working

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by 4XIS4U, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. 4XIS4U


    I'm trying to get TS 8.1 sp1 (3006) working with Owndata 2.4 + IB as data feed... but it doesn't seem to be working ... sometimes it opens 1 chart but it kind of freezes after that....

    do you have experience with that combination? thanks.
  2. do you have your matrix closed and hyperthreading turned off.?? and make sure you are using the correct symbol configuration like ib:esu6
  3. 4XIS4U


    mama vivian -- I have matrix closed but not sure what you mean by the hyperthreading ... is this a configuration in TS or Owndata?
  4. traderob


    the guys at tssupport (owndata) will know, have you asked them?
  5. i think the hyper threading is a bios setting. TSsupport have came out and said that hyperthreading has to be turned off but ts support would be the people to ask.
  6. 4XIS4U


    yep - they're not very user friendly in their board... not sure why...