TS 2000i intallation problem

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  1. I'm trying to reinstall my legal copy of TS 2000i and for some reason I get this error message after putting in the cd Key

    product requires different password
    products ###
    password version cd key 3

    I called TS awhile back on it and all they would do is send me out another disk and gave a new key which turned out being the same permanent password I already had .

    Would anyone know were or how I could rectify this problem so I dont have to blow out my whole hard drive or something drastic like that ? I already went the the register and deleted everything including Omega and TS . I also looked through TS World at one time and found nothing there either . TS support as you know is not supporting anymore , not even if your pay for it and have a registered copy like I do .
    thank you for any help or direction on were to find some, here at all , best regards, Phil
  2. Try installing on a different or new disk/computer.
  3. it installed fine on my laptop and on my old desktop pc (same OS disk , winxp pro) . I thought I may have to buy another hard drive and reinstall everything . But only as a last resort . I'm thinking there has to be somekind of tech work around or fix for the problem, hopefully . thank you , phil
  4. yes I am running pk 5 , thank you I'll check through that , thank you . I was just looking at hard drives and its not the cost but would probly take me 2 days to get it all set up .
  5. Tradestation can sometimes be a finicky program. Best to limit the # of others installed on the same computer. In fact I had/purchased computers to ONLY run ts and nothing else. WinXp seems very good in terms of compatibility, though. ts2ki always installs clean 1st time and never any crashes.
  6. I have it already installed on another pc , like i said , on my old pc on win xp pro.maybe I should just leave it be and when i want to use TS , shut off this pc and switch over to the other . Just would be nice to have it all on the same pc along with etrade,metastock and amibroker . I may end up buying a new harddrive , depending on how stubborn i get here .
  7. Holmes


    this sounds like an error that you get after you have had TS2000 installed with a different key. Some records are being kept in the registry and need deleting. Remember that I once saw some remarks to that on the web somewhere but cannot help you further than this.

    sorry - this is not meant to offend you - but this is another excellent example of why you should have a good backup / restore regime in place whereby you can go back to a "clean" install.

    I NEVER uninstall anything - if a piece of software turns out that it needs to be removed I go back to the backup immediately before that install and then apply all the changes that I made since. To this effect I keep a log file for every change that I make. (Too much stuff is left behind in the registry when uninstalling stuff, there is no incentive for the software vendor to make sure his uninstall works properly. Prime example would be something like Avant Browser)

  8. holmes , your probly right . I tried removing everything from the reg named omega and ts . but somewere in the reg is a key or more that needs deleted still , but which ones thats the question . other than omega and ts i dont know what other names to put in to look for keys in the registry that may be associated with ts2000 .
  9. Can't help much but read somewhere about the need to delete all TS files in order to reinstall.

    Run/regedit, then look in HKEY CURRENT USER/Software and delete any TS folder same for HKEY LOCAL MACHINE then Edit/Find and enter TS2000i (?), delete anything that comes up, keep hitting Find Next until nothing comes up, then try a reinstall.
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