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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bandit77, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. I am looking into TS 2000i and need some help:

    1. what tick data vendors do you use with 2000i? what's the cheapest?

    2. can you download all the tick data, and work on easy language offline with the tick data and easy languaeg?

    3. how does licensing work with 2000i? is there a monthly fee or anything else like that to use 2000i?

  2. hi Bandit,

    TS2000i is no longer supported or available from Tradestation. However, you will find a few people who still use this software.
    couple of things..

    -you can't purchase this program in the USA from a vendor. (It's still sold in Europe, Australia, etc) so.. if you decide to proceed, you would have to find a copy via alternate method.

    -data feeds or possible via 3rd party apps. like MetaserverRT, Hyperserver, TSlink, (there's others i think). these applications are able to link a broker's data feed w/ ts2000i. Esignal also has this capability. i'm sure i've left out many other possible data solutions.

    -ts2000i is fully standalone, hence the 'offline data use' is a mute issue. if you have the data, you may test to til the cows come home. :)

  3. Thank you BB. Do you use 2000i? I have TS8 now, is it possible to export tick data for 2000i to use?
  4. maxpi


    I think TS8 will export ascii format data and I know that TS2k will read it. TS2k has a program with it called GlobalServer that has the arrays for all your data. Your data feed feeds GS and GS feeds your charts and radarscreen, quite nicely actually, when everything is working. Look up documents by Jimmy Snowden via google. He published nice tutorials on the care and feeding of Global Server. Check out tssupport.com, they have apps that allow data to be taken to charts on demand, bypassing GS but radarscreen can only be fed by GS..

    Personally, unless I had a very compelling reason to use TS2k I would avoid it. My memories of it are of almost nothing but frustration with the data setup and GS and freezes and odd behaviour.... TS8 is so very far superior. If you don't need the radarscreen then Multicharts is worth a look...