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    www.traders-soft.com has something called uniserver that connects TS2k Global Server to Esignal. Never tried it but I have other products from them, they work really well.

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  2. Hi Max,

    Please send a request to uniserver@tssupport.com and I'll send you 1 week fully functional UniServer trial. You'll see that this is a big improvement over other products.

    By the way, a small announcement from me. Sometime around New Year the second version of UniServer is due out. The program will include such features as: Automatic search and filling of gaps, Incoming data filtering capabilities and Downloading the data from a ASCII files directly direct into GlobalServer. Hope those additional features will be useful to our customers. The new version of UniServer will be sold along with the old one, but for a higher price. All users of UniServer will get UniServer2 completely free, so anybody planning to buy the program, consider doing it now.

    TS Support UniServer Team
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  3. in my experience it was just clicking the esignal button during the setup of ts2000i and i was fine. It is correct that ts only collects data while connected to esignal. you can download past data though, don't know exactly how that works though..
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  4. The built-in subserver allows only to collect realtime data from eSignal. If you'd like to download historical data provided by eSignal you need to use UniServer. All you need to go is select the appropriate symbols in GlobalServer and historical data for those symbols will be downloaded directly to GlobalServer.
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  5. I believe you can get up to two weeks of "minute" or "tick" data from eSignal, and up to a year or so of daily data.

    Beyond that, I haven't done it recently, but I used to get historical data by by going to "File" then "Download from HISTORYBANK.COM" in GlobalServer. The HISTORYBANK data is the Omega Research database, but I heard that at sometime in the near future they were going to cut that off.
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  6. I believe you can get up to two weeks of "minute" or "tick" data from eSignal, and up to a year or so of daily data.

    Yes, you can but not with built-in subserver. For example UniServer allows to download historical data provided by eSignal into the GlobalServer.

    Your TS Support Team
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    I think Esignal has a few weeks of intraday data available now and I saw a post saying they will have year of intraday data early in 2003 and two year's worth in 2004.

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  8. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

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  9. The Global Server is a real mess that made TS 2000i unuseable for me when it first came out, particularly with the totally POS PCQuote data feed at that time. I could never get the Databank to work properly either. If you want to do any serious backtesting, I suggest you invest in some decent historical data from Tick, CSI or one of the other vendors.
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    I took one look at the manual for the Global Server and never used it after that. If you can't think about something for 5 seconds without your stomach churning then you have to avoid it. Nothin' but ASCII third party data for backtesting and later on I got On Demand Server when it was in Beta, bypasses the Global Server entirely. I'm going to try the Uniserver because if the Global Server could be made transparent and it kept on working reliably then TS2k might be great for what I want to do.

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