ts 2000i and esignal

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    is anyone currently using ts 2000i w/ esignal for futures?
  2. yes
  3. I just got TS2000i a short while ago - can't quite figure out how to get ESignal data into the Global Server...any help would be great.
  4. go to "Tools" then "Setup Wizard", go through the menus, choose "DBC Online Subserver", then rest should take care of itself

    once you see symbols in the Global Server screen, you have to highlight the ones you want live feed for, then go to "Edit" then "Connect Symbol" - it takes a minute to connect and start getting data

    sometimes it seems to take much longer (ie. a couple of hours, before the data is accessible
  5. destined - I lost your last private message before I read it
  6. Thanks - I have the symbols connected in the Global Server, but when I go to make a Tradestation chart, it tells me, "Data not available for selected range." I set it up for ES H3, 30 days back, 3 minute intraday...should work, no?

    Thanks again - I've already been through these Setup Wizards a few times, and it's been sort of tricky so far...:confused:
  7. give GlobalServer a day to collect data - you're asking TS to show 30 days back, when it hasn't even started collecting data - in other words, give it time
  8. OK - I thought it would be just like ESignal charts - open 'em up, and all the data is there. Dumb question, but do I need to stay connected for a day, or just come back again tomorrow afternoon and try it again?

    Thanks a bunch, this is a huge help.
  9. it only collects data while you're connected, so if you want night session data, you have to leave your computer on - otherwise you'll have a gap in price data until you turn your machine back on

    If you want only day session data, you can set that up by double clicking on the symbol in GlobalServer, then click Sessions, then add or delete the sessions that you want - good luck
  10. Thanks 416, I'll PM you if I have any further questions.
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