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  1. weld1


    part time wanna be trader, looking for advice in general. would like to talk to other traders in the area. NEED HELP BAD!!!! want to go full time, seen enough,lost enough, i know the risks, but also know the potential. any help would be appreciated,so if somebody has some time please reply, thanks so much weld1

    ADDITION BY MODERATOR. It seems as if Weld forgot to let know people where he is from. He however started another thread with the same title that lets other members know he from FL. This is from that thread:
    "even if u are not from fl. would still like help,and advice. so thanks again, weld1"
  2. Weld1,

    Don't wait for someone to knock on your door (waiting for a reply)...

    do this instead...

    review all the Florida Hook Up threads or cities of Florida threads...

    then click on the post count of all those traders that said their from florida and want to hook up...

    Next...start reading their prior posts...if they sound like they are helpful, doing ok in their trading...

    sent them a private message to make your proposition.

    Remember this...not many will have time to help because it will take time away from their own trading opportunities.

    Thus, you may have to financially compensate someone for those lost opportunities.

    Compensation can be via money, treating them to dinners or beers or whatever.

    Another source is EliteTrader itself.

    Lots of good general and specific advice/info here and little tibits that can make a difference in your bottom line...

    use ET search menu to look up info on stuff that's important to your trade methodology.

    For example (pretend)...maybe your having problems with position size management...

    use the search menu and type in position size management and start reading...

    if you don't understand something...private message the post author for more clarification and/or help.

    Good luck and start clicking on those post counts and reading traders past messages to see whom merits a private message or email from you.

    P.S. I already took a quick peek and saw 5 traders posting in the Florida Hook Up threads or cities of Florida threads that come across in their messages as good traders or at least the types that could possible provide you with some good general advice.

    Do your research and you'll see them also.