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    Hi folks! I am a engineering graduate who recently discovered that my passion lies in the field of trading. Ya, I know. Quite bizarre huh. Anyway I have been submitting my resume to various investment banks eg. UBS to get into their trading graduate programs but my efforts were fruitless. And understandably so, since I do not have any experience in finance. Anyway, I just thought maybe you guys could have a go at my resume and comment on where I could improve upon. Below is my cover letter and attached is my resume. Thanks!

    I am writing to apply for an Entry-Level role in the field of Trading.

    I am a Singaporean male, aged 25 and have graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a First Class Honours in Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) this May. I am highly proficient in programming languages such as Visual Basic, C++ and Java; and in mathematical fields such as statistics and probability. In addition, I also possess a competent set of knowledge and skills in the field of economics; scoring excellent grades in financial subjects like Principle of Economics (A), Microeconomics Analysis (A) and Financial Accounting (A-). Presently, I am undertaking the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program through self-learning to enhance my finance knowledge.

    Coming from an engineering background, I have cultivated a highly-analytical mind as the course trained me to think critically and creatively. There was one occasion when I was faced with an engineering design problem that my professors were not familiar with. In the end, I solved the problem independently using my own logical thinking ability and reverse engineering skills. Typically, no student is taught any form of reverse engineering which is mostly practiced in industries.

    Just this year May, I presented my engineering works in front of an audience which included reporters, judges from IDA, Philips, NUS and NTU. The Philips Young Innovators Challenge 2005/2006 was held in Orchard Hotel. In the end, I was the winner as I managed to win over the judges with my superior presentation skills and the creativity that I injected into my winning entry.
    The win was featured in Business Times (29th May 2006), Straits Times Digital Life (30th June 2006) and Lianhe Zaobao.

    During my university years, I was the Captain for my school team in contract bridge for 2 consecutive years, inspiring my team of bridge players to countless victories. By playing this intellectual card game, I have developed an excellent quantitative ability as it demands a lot of probability analysis and mathematical deductions. And in turn, I passed on my knowledge in the field of probability to my team members and helped them to improve their technical skills in card playing. In addition, I taught them crucial psychological skills so as to have an extra edge over our opponents.

    Also, as a Vice-President of the bridge club, I took my own initiative to organize competitions and events to promote the game among fellow students and the public. Through interacting with my committee members and getting them to work together as a team, I picked up key communication skills that are crucial in dealing with diversity, in terms of different work ethics and varying opinions.

    I have enclosed curriculum vitae giving more details of my education. Documentary proof with regards to personal particulars and academic qualifications can be furnished upon request.

    I hope that an opportunity will be granted for me to discuss with you how I could be of service and contribute to your company. I hope you will be able to grant me an interview. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your attention.
  2. What is it about trading that you find interesting? What do you imagine yourself doing as a trader on a daily basis?
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    What draws me to trading is the fact that a trader has to think and analyze fast in order to take advantage of positions that can optimise his objectives. On a daily basis, I would imagine myself studying relevant economic information, using mathematical models; and doing all the buying and selling according to a well-drawn trading plan. Well, that's just my view which I feel is still somewhat limited by my lack of experience in this area.
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    Take some of th 10k$ you won and start trading. Then you gain experience.
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    I think you have done a good job describing yourself and selling your career goals. You have alot of academic accomplishments as well. I think once you get your foot in the door at a good firm, you'll do well, BUT.....

    You can't have a 3 page resume and you don't have any career experience. Most employers will think of you as a joke. People with 30 years in the field might have a three page resume, but you shouldn't. I remember sending my resume over to Deutsche Bank a year or so ago, when my resume was two pages. My friend worked there at the time, he said his boss told him she thought my resume was a joke, cause there was so much garbage that didn't belong on there.

  6. Forget all that crap, just buy Dow Mini futures, they never go down more than .30%.

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    Okay! Thanks for the advice and tips people!
  9. buddy, you resume is just horrible! You need to change it completely.... your achievments, and academic background are excellent, but the way your resume is formatted..... its too long, keep it consise, no more than 1 page....and make it look sharp!!! You are a smart kid, if ya wanna trade at an IB im sure they will take you! good luck!
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