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  1. Hello,

    I own 2 domain names from a business I exited last year .
    They are registered with Yahoo ! . This may be a dumb question
    but I don't really know how to go about transfering ownership to an interested party and officialize the sale. The domains are registered with Yahoo! and it's become extremely difficult to contact them and get useful help from them let alone I guess get any information on selling domain names.

    Does anyone have experience with such a transaction ?
    Also I have another domain name (.net) related to alternative investments I haven't decided to sell it but if anyone is looking for such name (starting with alternative) then contact me.
  2. is very helpful. We used them to acquire some of our domains. They can put you in touch with the registered owner, transfer paperwork, etc.

    Just a thought!
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    Agree, handles domain transfers with ease. You should have no problem moving the domain from yahoo to godaddy.

    I can't believe how pathetic Yahoo has become.
  4. if its on yahoo, maybe u should do it all there
  5. Do I need a lawyer for the paperworks ?
    I don't think I can do it with Yahoo ! I can hardly talk to anyone
    with half a brain there .
  6. I buy and sell domains all the time and especially like the forum.

    It depends on the price of the domain name you are selling as for how you should handle the transaction:

    For example, if it is sub-$1,000, I would just have the buyer send payment with PayPal, then I push the domain within the existing registrar, or provide the buyer with the auth code so they can transfer it to their registrar of choice.

    If it is > $1,000 you may consider using a service such as or - both of which offer an escrow service for a fair price.
  7. Thanks for the addresses, I will check those out.
  8. I think I am getting ripped off by Melbourne IT the registrar that is behind Yahoo ! which is just a reseller actually, when you end your webhosting contract with Yahoo, you become their customer.

    I tried to transfer my domain to another registrar and Melbourne IT gave me an "authorization code" to do so, however I was later notified that the transfer had failed. Two weeks later I called them up and they said the domain is in redemption and I can't transfer it anymore. They say they can recover it for $300!
    I said no way. I did the transfer procedure properly , they were supposed to unlock the domain (which I thought the authorization code was for ), but my new registrar says it was locked (client transfer prohibited, cliente delete prohibited)
    so the transfer was cancelled. Now I am losing my domain unless I pay them that fee, this is extortion, pure and simple. Anyone has had to deal with such problem ?
  9. After a domain has expired, the registrar usually holds it for 30-90 days to allow the original registrant to renew it. There is no standard time-frame for this however.

    What is the domain and I can take a look (pm if you want).
  10. Did you let them expire anywhere along the line?
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