Trying to see if an indicator for this exists

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by bmoney, Dec 1, 2019.

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    I was looking for an indicator that could measure volume at specific price points, specifically the bid and ask prices to detect aggressive buyers and sellers in a given market. I’m not talking about level 3 data that shows volume at each price, but rather a more generalized indicator that shows the total number of shares traded at an offer/bid price in a given candle, whatever that offer/bid may be at the time. Does this exist currently on a platform like thinkorswim or tc2000, or is this something I’ll have to build from scratch?
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    Why not use controlled exits? Like using a higher timeframe and closing at a predetermined time? Like end of week, month, quarter etc..
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    MotiveWave's Volume Imprint study can display the total contracts traded at the bid and ask for each price level.
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    Bookmap is a solid representation of what I’m looking for. Thank you all for the replies!
  6. I wanted to recommend on Bookamp and just so you figure it out already. It's the best presentation of price auction there is now for my opinion, use it for almost a year now