Trying To Orchestrate Rally Into Election..??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gnome, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. The Powers [well, the RepubliClown ones] want that.... may be their only hope. If no rally and the market is tanking when we go to the polls, Obama wins in a cake walk.
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    Not necessarily. Many voters haven't a clue about the market. They would view a tanking market, as they do now, a boring news story not affecting them. But how wrong they are!
  3. I'm pretty sure anyone with a TV would know... the Dems would make it a point to harp on it.
  4. Did anyone notice when it became apparent that Mccain was leading in the polls, the media had to work overtime to print as many negative Mccain articles as possible?
  5. Of couse. Same with Palin. I know 10x more about the budget of Wasilla than I know about Biden's three decades of cutting sleazy deals in the Senate. The whole univese knows Bristol Palin while Bidens million dollar a year lobbyist son had exacly one write up nationally.
  6. McCain is guaranteed to win save for something crazy to happen. Polls should never be this close. The fact that polls are close suggests there is no realization what a catastrophe bush administration is. McCain embodies the worst principles of Bush administration (warmongering, silly sense of self righteousness) and takes it to the next level.

    Hockey moms don't belong as President or VP. End of story. Hillary while in many ways benefited from her last name is a Yale law graduate. Compare that to University of Idaho BS in journalism.
  7. Well apparently a Yale undergrad with a Harvard MBA doesn't impress you either.

    How is McCain more of a war monger than Obama?

  8. If you mean George W. everyone knows he did not get into either institution on merit so it is a meaningless statement.

    John McCain's essence can be summarized in several sentences:

    "I dont understand economy as well as I should"
    "The fundamental of our economy are strong"
    "Iraq Pakistan border"
    And the best one of all "in the 21st century nations don't invade other nations"
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    I'm impressed with the way John McCain schooled Obama in the last debate at Columbus U., no wonder O was trying to avoid him like a plague. There's going to be another schooling, let's see who comes out ahead.
  10. First debate has not occurred yet what are you talking about?
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