Trying to make a basic setup for scalping futures

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  1. Omer1235


    Hey guys,

    Very glad to be on this forum.

    I want to scalp futures and I'm a total noob at this point, so of course I'd like to do SIM first.

    I've looked into Jigsaw, but some people here recommended X.Trader (by TradingTechnologies) over Jigsaw, although I didn't even understand the pricing structure of TT, it reads 50$ a month if you pay for transactions, but I thought the broker is the one that charges those fees...

    My broker is IB, so if I choose one of them (Jigsaw or TT) do I need to connect them to IB and the execution will go through IB? And what about the data, is it supplied by Jigsaw or TT, or do I need to pay IB for that?

    I know these questions are really basic, I'm just not sure how to start

    Thanks in advance!
  2. cafeole


    I don't have a broker at this point, so I I am using SierraChart. It is $26 a month including a delayed datafeed for futures. It has a good replay feature. It also supports IB.
  3. Overnight


    Here's my advice...

    Don't take advice from someone who "has no broker" and pays $26 per month for a delayed futures feed.
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  4. BKR88


    Ninjatrader is a good platform which can be used with IB.
    If they still require TWS to be open with Ninjatrader then it's a bit of a pain to keep both platforms open.
    Suggest starting with micro-futures (MES or MNQ). Small monthly data fee and Ninjatrader is free on SIM, I think.
  5. cafeole


    Ninja is good for sims, but you can't do bracket orders live unless you buy the platform. It is expensive.
  6. FTDK


    Take a look at Quantower as well, it can be used with IB.
  7. SunTrader


    Don't. Scalp or do sim.
  8. Omer1235


    Thanks a lot guys

    I'm a bit confused, when you talk about Ninjatrader or Quantower, you mean using its DOM instead of using Jigsaw altogether? I thought that DOM / Order Flow is the most important thing to read from when scalping futures?

    I think with Quantower you still need to pay IB for the data feed, do you know if it's the same with Jigsaw or other DOMs platforms?

    Thanks again!
  9. FTDK


    What assets are you looking to trade, i assume futures since you mentioned Jigsaw and TT?

    You will always need to pay for live futures data.
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