trying to get started on Tech Analysis

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by csun589, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Just wondering if there is a proper starting point for a non-technician...

    books , websites, softwares, courses?

    Thanks for advice !!
  2. Yes. Put all the books, website, software and courses in the trash can. Same for anything related to Jack Hershey/SCT.

    There, just saved you a year or more of useless wandering.

    Then search on "Price Action" on this site, and start learning how to trade using it. Prepare to spend a lot of time watching your monitor, if you want to make money. Or you can try shortcuts, which will enable you to lose money faster.
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    Yes,csun ,see this, write this down.;
    Jack Schwager top trading books & TA book,
    William O'Neil books explains it well.

    Support dosnt mean much in this bear market [SPY,QQQQ,DIA...];
    even in ''fierce'' bear rallys, support doesnt mean much in a bear market,
    50 day moving ,200 day moving averages help.

    Alan Farley say bears live below 200 day moving averages;
    bulls live above 200 day moving averages.:cool:
    Wisdom is profitable to direct.