Trying to find Info for Options Trading Ed in Chicago area

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by javajon, Aug 30, 2007.

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    I have been long trading for over 15 years now and would like to start adding option trades to my portfolio mainly for long/short protection. I looked at the CBOE and can appreciate the classes but was hoping one of the local Chicago Universities or Comm Colleges offering classes for personal traders. I am moving from Florida to Chicago next month. All responses and ideas welcome!
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    The silence is deafening :(
  3. timbo


    I doubt you'll find anything like that in Chicago.

  4. If all you are doing is hedging why do need classes, start hedging
    or learn how. There are lots of good classes around, teachers are few and far between. You can learn alot on this board on options. read "writing options for a living" on this board.:)
  5. Try PM some people. Some will reply, some won't but you can try.
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    There is life in this thread!! Thanks for the replies

    I revisited the CBOE and think I may be able to take some of their classes. I guess they work with Northwestern University in teaching some of their classes. They look a tad expensive however it should all come out in the wash...Thanks for your comments.

    Kinggyppo....I looked at the thread and that gave me some ideas. I will try to PM some of those people.
  7. (1) Go to, click on the "Education" tab and then look through the other tabs that are shown. (2) Read Natenberg's book a few times.