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  1. I'm new, have little to no programming skills, I like Tradestations interface. What is the best setup to use with their software or any similiar product in terms of ease-of-use or features?

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  3. Investor RT.
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    Hi BMW lover,
    You should make an independent judgment as to whether trading in foreign currency contracts is appropriate for you in light of your financial condition, investment experience, risk tolerance, and other relevant factors.

    I tried this forex software from Marketiva

    It's really cool looking thing, very easy to use, lots of charts...
  5. What instrument(s) you are going to trade and what you expect to do will determine if something is useful for you.

    For example, you like to monitor a lot of stock symbols in real-time and would like to trade by discretion, then you need scanner and multi-charts capabilities.

    If you like to track a few symbols and trade systematically, you need a platform capable of system development and deployment.

    Its all about the commitment you have in trading. If it is simply give it a try thing, stick with charts coming with the data feeds.
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    Mr. Chan offers good advice. Other options include MB Trading for order execution and ClearView by Market ICE for scanning, charts, analytics and trade alerts.
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