Trying to decide on a major.

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    Hi all. I'm going to school at the local community college working on my AA degree. I trade a mini forex account and i'm committed to becoming a successful trader. What major can help me with my trading? It seems like economics or finance are the two obvious choices. I also like computers so I was considering computer engineering. Thanks in advance.
  2. International Relations with a minor in Comp Sci or Finance could also be a great choice for you.
  3. Liking something and deciding if its a good career move are two seperate issues. Before you decide upon comething like "computer engineering" you had better talk with many, many people about the realities of being an engineer and the career path. Once you get a frank honest discussion of how the business works - and the true usefulness of the degree - you will probably be shocked.

    Now, having alerted you that there may be a problem down the road with this potential path, I dont want to sway you completely off the path - especially if you have contacts that are offering you employment upon completing your degree.

    Useful things to know for trading: Economics, Mathematics - emphasis on statistics theory and practice, Computer Software design and implementation, Human behaviour.
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    1.3] Careful, because some , but not all profs major on minors;
    study stuff like Professor Jim Rogers, in Jack Schwager 3 top trader books.High probability they help.

    2] Consider your own personality, for example if one is interested more in human behavior/ mountain charts than computer tek;
    better to study Jack Schwager 3 top trader books & life,
    than have to listen to a boring prof who goes down deeper & comes up dry & dull.

    3] Wisdom is profitable to direct. School & major education, life long learning [not necessarily related] can open some doors ;
    observing life /wildlife patterns , work habits can also help open doors..
    Hope this helps.:cool:
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    My advice to you is simply. Do as well as you can in school and transfer to a real college where you can get a real degree studying with profs who know whats up and a college where the job placement office has real jobs.

    The market will always be there, your ability to go to school wont.