Trying to cut corners = 0 dollars.

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  1. If you try to cheat the system by joining questionable firms you will end up losing your 100% of your capital.

    Just keep it simple and join a firm that requires a series 7. Stick to known firms (ie BT,echo etc..) If you are incapable of studying for an Series 7 or not willing to make the effort, you have no business in this industry. Save your capital, invest in a passive S&P500 fund, reinvest dividends keep dayjob.

    And if you cannot bother to do due diligence on your part when selecting a firm, you have no business trying to earn a living trading. Put your money in SPY, reinvest the dividends + keep your day job.

    When you try to cheat, you are just cheating yourself.
  3. What about LLC firms that have you join as a class b, c, or d member?
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    Two words my brother..... Due Diligence!