trying to become a successful trader - journal of a journey

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  1. Hi all!

    Like I said in the title this thread should record my try to find an edge in trading the e-minis and become a succesfull trader in the long run.

    I´m very glad about any kind of comment or critique.

    English is not my mother tongue so please be mercifully with me :)

    I think its possible to get my point.

    Usually my stop is around 1.5 point, so I will start my performance record with 200 points in the ES. So risk on every trade is smaller than 1%
    I will use IB commissions that means .125 points in the ES or .25 in the NQ.

    I hope to get a lot of response.

    thx and good trading
  2. wannabee,

    Why not tell us a little about the method you will employ???

    PEACE and good trading (and good luck on your journey),
  3. Pabst


    My best wishes Wannabe. I detect both humility, and sincerity through your few words. I'll be rooting for you!!

  4. k, first day of my journal.

    Every comment is welcome!

    The file was a bit big so I had to split it in two parts.

    Part one is here.....
  5. .....and this is the second part.

    Good trading all!
  6. Tom Frey

    Tom Frey

    workin' here.
    Try downloading it and save as xxxx.pdf

    of course make sure that you have acrobat reader installed =)
  7. e-mini_wannabe,

    If you continue to show this much passion in learning and reviewing your progress, you will be successful much sooner than you think.

    Great job and excellent detail. Keep up the great work!
  8. Thx aphexcoil, always trying to get something out of every day.
    Will go on with this.

    @all: not sure what the problem is. The .pdf has to be downloaded with "save as" function. It doesnt work wich just using the link. Not sure why.

    If I do something wrong please give me some advice.
  9. in windo$, right click, "save target as," works fine here.

    nice work so far wannabe - best of luck to you :)
  10. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    Just tried downloading the PDF files in both Netscape and Internet Explorer. On my system, in Netscape when I left-click the link it brings up a dialog box, I click Save File, up pops a Save As box with the proper filename. If instead, again in Netscape, I right-click the link and choose Save Link As I get the Save As dialog box with "attachment.php" as the filename. Simply rename it to anything you want, putting the PDF extension at the end.

    In Internet Explorer left-clicking the link goes nowhere, blank, but right-clicking the link works by selecting Save Target As (the Save As dialog box pops up with the proper filename).
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