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    I will try to keep it up here(w/o pics unfortunately). I would love any comments. Thanks. Here is yesterday's entry.

    September 28

    MCP is another stock that has had an insane run up the last couple of months. Here is what it looks like since it IPOed.

    Like I mentioned before, if today is the day it gets punished, it usually sells off right away. I was right in that respect, but the moves in the middle if the morning kinda came out of no where in my opinion, and it took me out. Unfortunately the move, though big, was temporary and MCP continued its multi point move down.

    BIDU and AAPL made crazy moves down right off the open this morning. For a moment while watching AAPL, I thought we were headed for another flash crash, but it quickly bounced as did BIDU. Unfortunately BIDU did not go up for long and I was quickly stopped out on my long.

    As for HSFT yesterday, thank goodness I got out when I did. Here is what happened today.
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    Very slow day Wednesday. I only got involved in SBAY. The stock's move on Tuesday and flagging pattern Wednesday, along with the nice volume pickup, makes me believe it will head higher the next couple of days. I am holding the stock. Here is the stock(pretty isn't it?)